(Suwon, Korea, 1987)

Wung Gyu Park was born and raised in South Korea, where he continues to work as an artist in the city of Yongin. In his artistic practice, Wung Gyu reacts sensitively to the negative to establish a new order.

Wung Gyu takes inspiration from some aspects of Buddhism, such as contemplation and mindful awareness of all forms of life, like insects, plants, and sea creatures. In his work we can also find representations of scars and wounds.

“When I meet disgusting creatures in the sea, I think of the tragedies I saw on the news, for some reason. Some of my works can be understood in this context. What my works have in common are the trivial, the vulgar, the dirty and scary. I have an ambivalent attitude towards these concepts, and I capture them to represent them in a very particular and unique way in my work.”

Wung Gyu Park

Dummy No.11
Dummy No. 11
5.000 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 14
7.000 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 13
7.000 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 13
7.000 (VAT Included)
Scar No. 14
590 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 59
1.200 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 56
890 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 55
1.200 (VAT Included)
Dummy No. 49
1.500 (VAT Included)

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