(Denmark, 1988) 

Tine Bek is a visual artist who works with installations, sculptures, books, video and photography. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA and an MA in Photography and Audiovisual Media. From 2010 to 2018, Bek lived in Scotland, where she stu- died and helped start the 16 Nicholson Street gallery, while developing a mentorship program for newly graduated artists. 

Bek’s still life photographs and ethereal sculptures are made from a variety of everyday materials and objects, such as a horse carved from butter. Her soft foam sculptures mimic elaborate forms, while blending the natural and man-made worlds. Her art references still life, where life becomes static instead of vibrant, and nature is dead instead of blooming. 

Through her work, Bek questions the material hierarchy of Western society and the historical need to control and tame nature. Exploring these ambiguities, Bek addresses issues related to environmental and power structures, while challenging society’s fixed definitions of value. 

Tine Bek works at a crossroads between contemporary art and cultural history. With a background in history studies at the University of Copenhagen, there is always an exploratory historical approach to her projects. 

Parallel to her practice as an author, Bek collaborates with certain museums and cultural institutions, where she registers their collections and art spaces with her unique visual language in video and photography. In 2021, she won the Hasselblad Book Award and the Danish publishing house Disko Bay published her project ‘The vulgarity of being three-dimensional’. In 2022, Bek was one of five exceptional FUTURES Nordic talents.

Komfort Skulptur 01
1.700 (VAT Included)
Komfort Skulptur 02
1.700 (VAT Included)
Backside Of Foam
1.700 (VAT Included)
Komfort Skulptur 04
1.700 (VAT Included)
Komfort Skulptur 18
2.190 (VAT Included)

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