(Hong Kong)

Roxy Lee is a ceramic artist currently based in London, who has a deep passion for combining art and craft. Under the name ‘the status of zero’, she keeps experimenting and exploring forms and colours with the medium of clay.

With a background in Fashion Design, Roxy continues with an empirical study of the connec- tion between objects and humans through the production of ceramics. She makes experimental pieces that tell stories and experiences about herself, while leaving open to the interactors the possibility of creating their own from her work. “The objects we create lack meaning in the absence of people to interact with them”, says the artist.

The Hybrid Collection draws inspiration from the radiant vision of light and the particular colour characteristic of each of its wavelengths. It explores matte and glossy textures as well as muted and bright colours through hand-building techniques.

Each piece is unique and part of a limited series of original works.

Hybrid Composition 03
250 (VAT Included)
Hybrid Composition 02
420 (VAT Included)
Hybrid Composition 01
390 (VAT Included)

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